Any time I crave Italian this is where I'll be going! The restaurant has a nice atmosphere and a rustic feel, but the food was lacking in flavour. The penne al la vodka was good too, not the very best I've had but still good. We were delighted in the visit and enjoyed our dining, had the lasagnas and it was hot and cheesy and very good tasting, the salad was good and the service apice notch, KUDOs, great place for Italian food! Been coming here for a few years now and I haven't had a bad dish. Everyone really enjoyed their meals and the service was great. Tutte le donne infatti, avendo la bocca impegnata, non hanno prodotto alcun accento in contemporanea per circa 5 minuti.

Bevi Pompa E


There are no issues with service, staff, or wine selection, but their food needs to step up its game quite a bit Mangia E Bevi This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. We stuck with pretty traditional dishes: Not too creamy or overpowering. I was very hungry and the soup did it's job, but it was very salty and looked as if it came out of a can. Service was good, atmosphere was good, salad and disturbatore looked good so might try that if stop by again. The atmosphere is cute, cozy and rustic.

Terribile Bevi Pompa E Diverso Bevi Pompa E

The girl that took our orders was nice and attentive to our needs. Both times I got the salmon dish and subbed out the potatoes for pasta I mean its an Italian restaurant-gotta have pasta. She checked with manager and he said thats just how it is. Non potendo destinare il proprio sperma alla Banca Cittadino del Seme migliaia di piccoli risparmiatori falegnami sono andati in rovina. We ordered pizza and penne al la vodka. Had a great dinner here last nite. Si presuppone che l'inizio e l'invenzione di tale attivitа sia da ascrivere all'estinto ominide Homo erectusil primo uomo ad acquisire la postura eretta del corpo e del pene. I've eaten here six or seven times and get pizza occasionally. Some don't do that or trust that.

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