I've known Karen for over 40 years. How do I get in touch with Real Coffee? It was my very first purchase and I knew nothing about the process. Dolce equipe has a relaxed vibe which is refreshing in light of the many high pressure agents out there. I immediately contacted my brother and explained the vast differences between how our property was handled and the one I had just found. Polyethylene can be reused for production of plastic bags and other plastic items.

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Left our home unlocked when she left. Stay away from any transaction with that woman and that company as they contract her. Just ask the other Realtors about her lazy reputation. How its done in real estate wasnt my concern. Again, she seemed as excited for us as we were excited to have a new home.

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Sorry - Ive been around the block a few times and then some. How do I get in touch with Real Coffee? We met Karen through a friend and she was such an amazing help all throughout the buying process. My parents are elderly, and Mom has Alzhiemers. Karen is more than our realtor she has become a trusted family friend.

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