My daughters low lights are so natural, you would not even think she had them professionally done. Lexi washed my hair and she was super sweet. I liked the interior, it is a small space so it can be confusing who is waiting to order, who is waiting for their order and who is just standing there chatting. I would return just for that unique flavor. And he said that La Gourmanadine baked goods comes Wednesday's and Saturday's. The blow out shows how amazing of a cut Lexi gave me! The attempt to fix it took and additional 5 hours and was completely unsuccessful.

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Others who reviewed this salon were very convincing so I decided to give it a try! Adesso now serves Millie's ice cream. Highly recommend and definitely plan to return A few coworkers recommended the salon to me. Started out with a grown out baylage. Now yes, they did try and fix it, but no one, not even the owner, offered consolation or refund on the money I spent to have my hair mutilated. The attempt to fix it took and additional 5 hours and was completely unsuccessful. I went on a Wednesday during the early afternoon and they took me in immediately with little wait time.

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My appointment was with Nicole. My hair is not easy to work with, but Nuray did an amazing job! My friends and I love trying new places, and Adesso is by far the greatest. The inside is very small so it is really designed for grab and go. She worked so hard to make sure my hair came out the way I wanted it to. I book my appointment on the day of today and the person who answered the phone was very helpful and accommodating. Topped off with some quick hair spray, I was all set! I feel humiliated in a way because the bleeding and unevenness is so apparent but they made me feel like it looked great. They really put the customer first in every way and seem genuinely happy that you are there.

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