Such a wonderful person. I will miss him a lot. He always wanted others to be happy - not because he was strategic or because he wanted to be liked, but because it was against his nature to have others suffer. I've learned a lot from him and enjoyed his company every time I had a chance to meet him. You're good to go! In recent years he would always make me laugh, bringing up funny stories from our student days.

Arco Gentile Generoso

Nice of you to pop in. E quello è un contribuzione molto generoso. The most generous, selfless man. I was lucky to have him as a co-author, colleague, and confidant. If you're still having trouble, check out Firefox's support page. Alejandro had a wonderful sense of humor and I enjoyed every conversation we had. He always tried to put others at ease and make them relaxed. He was an outstanding scholar, but an even nicer person. You were a wonderful human being.

Gentile Generoso

Essere Gentili Paga Sempre... (effetto boomerang)

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