The economic might and relatively advanced development of Tuscany at the time Late Middle Ages gave its language weight, though Venetian remained widespread in medieval Italian commercial life, and Ligurian or Genoese remained in use in maritime trade alongside the Mediterranean. Excellent local Italian restaurant. City-states often took sides and waged war against each other.

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For an entree I love the steak with garlic butter, spinach, sauteed potatoes and mushrooms. The purists thought the Divine Comedy was not dignified enough because it used elements from non-lyric registers of the language. The continual advancements in technology plays a crucial role in the diffusion of languages. Thank you for using DealHere. Examples are Rio Grande do SulBrazilwhere Talian is used, and the town of Chipilo near Puebla, Mexico ; each continues to use a derived form of Venetian dating back to the nineteenth century. The importance of Rome declined, because the city was far from the troubled frontiers. Furthermore, the Albanian government has pushed to make Italian a compulsory second language in schools.

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